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Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property

When you are buying a house there are so many things you may want to know but can’t remember all the questions to ask so you have the right information. Below we have come up with some of the best questions to ask when viewing a house.

Why are you/is the vendor selling?

At worst, it’s an ice-breaker, at best, you might find out if there are any problems in the house or the area. You can also gauge if the owner’s keen for a quick sale, which could help you negotiate a lower price.

Can I check the taps?

Asking to check the fittings is a practical, hands-on way of exploring the property.

When was the boiler last serviced?

A well-maintained boiler is far less likely to give up in your first winter. So if it is serviced or fitted recently it is less likely to break down on you.

Have any major works been completed?

This is a good way of making sure that planning permission was obtained before any previous works, as well as discovering if the property is listed or in a conservation area. Verify their response on the local planning authority website.

How much is the council tax?

Council tax bands are linked to property prices, but aren’t always up to date. You’ll also need this information for your mortgage application and to help you work of what you monthly costs will be.

How’s the mobile and Wi-Fi coverage?

Strong mobile signal and a fast broadband connection are necessities in our modern age. Ask who serves the area and how the service measures up, then double check the details online.

What are the neighbours like?

The seller can provide you with an insight into the neighbourhood. Equally, if the owner has ever lodged a complaint about the neighbours, they’re legally obliged to tell you.

What are local facilities like?

Whether you’re interested in schools or social venues, make sure to get the owner’s perspective.

Is this included?

If you’re keen on the curtains or sold on the shed, ask if they are included in the price.

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5th August 2016 lawler admin